Bottom of the Pops 183 5 January 2020

Bottom of the Pops 183 5 January 2020


Spooky Bizzle

We’ve gone a bit Spooky Bizzle mad here recently. Another off his most recent release. Grime goodness at its best.


Lord Kitchenor

OK we all know…… who wants to hear yet more about Man Utd or City, but only 9 views for the mighty Lord Kitchenor,come on you tube.


Lou Terry

Our feature track last week. Let’s give this great UK artist some more listens. Think Syd meets one of Mason’s post Beta Band forays, King Biscuit Time out in space.


Ballon D’essai

et another new discovery for us from the vaults of New Zealand’s finest, Flying Nun.  From 1983 . Everything’s thrown in punk, funk, Can & Beefheart. Great stuff.



And, that’s exactly what it is. Bovell & Cobby team up for this weed loving dub ode.


Electric Piano Playground

Just when we thought BOP had heard every cheesy funk moog-arama cover of Satisfaction there ever was, another one comes along.


Ebony Steele Band

Sublime steel band cover of Kraftwerk classic. No more need be said.



Wikipedia tells us  ….Chai (stylized as CHAI) are a four-member all-female band from Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. Forming in 2012, the band released their debut studio album Pink in 2017. Weirdly they have a bit of the B52’s about them but with that 21st century asia pop gleam for extra shininess.


Fernando Girão

On hearing this my first thought was. this is Basquiat painting music.


King Midas Sound

I wondered why i liked this so i popped over to Ninja Tune to discover, King Midas Sound is comprised of Kevin Martin (also known for his work under The Bug moniker), singer/poet Roger Robinson, and vocalist Kiki Hitomi. Their landmark 2009 debut Waiting For You on Hyperdub quickly established them as falling sonically, somewhere between sub-electronic lovers rock, dub and the bleakest, slowest mutation of narco hip hop. Says it all really. Very addictive stuff.