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This Week’s Bottom 10

Flying Mojito Bros  – El Confesor (16)
The Mojito’s give Mr James the chugadelic Balearic treatment. Rather fine!

2 Demi Riquísimo – Paroché (Extended Balearic Mix) ·(718)
More Baleariccy (is  that a word?) goodness. Raised in Detroit, London-based Demi Riquísimo is gaining worldwide recognition for his acid, italo house and disco-inspired sonic palette with support from the likes of Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Artwork, Optimo, Skream, Tom Trago and many more. Demi is label boss for his imprint ‘Semi Delicious’ which boasts 7 sold-out vinyl-only EPs to date, along with a collection of original and remix releases for Alfresco Disco, Ninja Tune, Wolf Tone and HOMAGE. He has performed across the UK, EU and OZ, being booked for events like Arts House, Adonis, Xe54, and Oslo, as well as festival slots at Glastonbury, Latitude, Wilderness and Gottwood.

3  Psychederek – “Screamadereka” (Hardway Bros Meet Monkton Downtown Disco Dub) (590)
And to complete the Balearic “Trip”tych..the superbly named Psychederek and his riff on the genre.

4  Twopenny Bunters – Beer Gynt  (592)
Ibsen no gibson….The Lovely Eggs meets the Small Faces in a Manchester students pub

5 Dawuna – Bad Karma   (476)
Underground RnB sensation out of New York. Watchout weeknd yer days are numbered..

6 The Bug Club – It’s Art (862)
New Welsh outfit who we’ve fallen in love with very quickly.

7 Abracadabra – Swim (302)
Beach Club meets Peaking Lights? Out of Oakland they are doing it for us.

Sproatly Smith  – Come All You Bold Britons (120)

For nigh on 3 decades i’ve been searching for that elusive album that makes me feel like the first time i heard Ultramarine’s “Every Man & Woman Is A Star” I think I may have found it.

Their bandcamp simply says “County of Herefordshire, UK”

Wild Hare Club website tells us………Sproatly Smith are a band with an air of mystery about them, steeped as they are in Herefordshire’s folklore. The band’s music draws on traditional folk music, delving into its origins, reinventing it and spinning it out into the current day, so that when listening to it you find yourself transported, as if down one of the ancient green lanes that criss-cross the county.  Reminiscent to these ears of those lost but treasured bands of the late 60s and early 70s such as Trees, the music of Sproatly Smith has been evolving at a rapid rate with new material and ever more instruments appearing with every live performance. It is around Sproatly and their guitarist/seer, Ian Smith, that the Weirdshire collective has coalesced. Promoting gigs by similarly influenced artists, including Vaginapocalypse and Heed the Thunder, and issuing a highly recommended compilation Beating the Bounds, Weirdshire is favoured Wild Hare Club territory. The Beating the Bounds compilation and all of Sproatly’s albums including their first much loved recordings The Yew and the Hare (natch) are available from the band’s  bandcamp page.Should Rob Young ever revise his book Electric Eden – Unearthing Britain’s Visionary Music (a highly recommended read) he would be remiss not to include a chapter devoted to Sproatly and their fellow travellers from Weirdshire.


9   STRAIGHT ARROWS – Fast Product (261)

Sydney’s on fire at the moment with its garage sounds. The Arrows have been around a while but they’ve just brought out a bonefide stone cold classic with this one.

10 1-800 Mikey – Cat (294)

And again out of Sydney newer outfit 1-800 Mikey giving the Sydney underground sound more of a pop spin.

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