Even Law Firm Partners Had To Escape Burning Man This Year

Everybody knows that BM is the favoured festival of multi squillionaire tech bros but even i was  surprised to find this week that it has gone so mainstream that you’ll now find law firm partners attending and then subsequently trying the flee the mudfest it became last week.

Here’s a great report from Above The Law a site that i’ve read for many years ( usually a bit dull) but since they brought a new editor in recently and it has become a lot more fun to read

Even if you aren’t particulary interested  in what passes for the law these days in the i recommend ATL for their breath of fresh air in the world of legal media (yes, sorry, there is a world of legal media)

ATL write

If you gave me a million guesses, I don’t think I would come up with a story about former acting Solicitor General/current Hogan Lovells partner Neal Katyal, Burning Man, and trench foot… but here we are. I guess I have to dream bigger.

Anyway, the backdrop to the story is the deadly mud at this year’s Burning Man. The annual festival was mired by heavy rain that turned the dried lake basin into a thick, slimy mud that stranded over 70,000 people as the roads were closed to vehicles.

But some concert goers *had* to get gone before the roads officially reopened. Diplo and Chris Rock famously hitchhiked their way out of the muck. Katyal attended the festival for the first time this year, and had to hike his way out of the concert and back to the life of a Biglaw partner.

More of  his harrowing escape from the playa at