Everybody Loves The Neon Kittens, “No Drugs Required”

We Say

Yes it’s time for the the Neon Kittens debut and it has, we assure you, been worth the wait.

It’s a downtown NYC No Wave shiny funk party in the Flying Lizards studio

They Say



Brian at In The Mind of A Bordello writes..

See the neon Kittens are indeed a wonderful erotic thing they offer down at heal post punk rock n roll put performed in cocktail dresses and velvet jackets , they are a stlyish affair they are slinky avant gard pop they are Serge Gainsbough played through a blender they are the most beautiful people to walk the planet but only looked at through a distorted mirror they offer hope for the future by nailing down the lid of the past they are Alec Chilton like but not in a Big Star way they are suffocating the Flies On Shebert then pulling off their wings . They are good bad and yes maybe a little evil they are also pretty much perfect in the most imperfect kind of way.

Blues Bunny write

These eleven songs are rough edged indeed with the often barely decipherable lyrics competing with post midnight percussive pounding and the angriest guitar this side of an intensive cognitive therapy session to provide a remarkably coherent post academia rant for the quasi-psychotic.


Tremendo Garaje write

Yes, it’s time for Neon Kittens debut and we assure you the wait has been worth it.” An authentic No Wave Funk party in Downtown New York, held at the Flying Lizards Studio… And all this they say to themselves, and of course they may seem arrogant, but on the other hand. we couldn’t agree more, and being so cool….

Wtf why would they have to be humble

What a freaking sound! Drastically angled to be New Wave, too disco to just be No Wave, with that insanely groovy spoken-word that reminds us of Luscious Jackson’s fabulous “In Search of Manny”….

How the fuck have we managed to live this long without Neon Kittens!.
Edited in Sydney’s ever-breathtaking Dsiquera Metal Postcard Records

Different Noises write

77 Talking Heads meets Parliament/Funkadelic/Bootsy Collins/Gang of Four(Solid Gold) via Yoko Ono/Deborah Evans-Stickland, with the sensibility of Slates Grotesque era Fall/James White and the Blacks/Arto Lindsay and an utter disregard for prevailing trends and fashions – thankfully.

They are called Neon Kittens and they are a breath of fresh air in a currently mundane music scene where it sometimes feels that most bands/artists learned what they do on a college course.

An amalgam of disparate influences creating something different.

Metal Postcard strike again with the debut album from the prolific York based band.

Comparable to Salem Trials, Monster Island, Bogshed etc etc

Chuffin’ brilliant chums…..

But words are not important just listen and have your perceptions of reality altered.

They have been and will be featured on Overflow and Different Noises episodes in coming weeks

What are you waiting for? 


released February 21, 2023


Nina K: vocals / guitar
Andy G: guitars / bass / vocals
Kay Y: Drums / DR550 op.
Hope M: Bass on ‘Everything is Going Up’.

All songs written and recorded
by Neon Kittens at RoundTrees Studio
September – October 2022.

All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved