Fast Records: The Best Short Music Catalogue Ever? We Think So



  • FAST 11 The First Year Plan – Compilation of single releases, licensed to EMI, so also has catalogue number EMC 3312)
  • Mutant Pop – US reissue of early Fast Product and Pop Aural singles by the Mekonsthe Gang of Fourthe Human LeagueThe Flowers, 2.3 and Scars (PVC/JEM Records 1980)


  • FAST 3 Fast Product The Quality Of Life No.1 (zine issued March 1978)
  • FAST 6 Fast Product The Quality Of Life No.2 (zine issued April 1979)
  • Virgin VS300 The Mekons – “Work All Week” / “Unknown Wrecks” 7″ (1979) – FAST Logo on label, ‘Produced for Fast Product’ credit
  • Fast Product America FPA 002 Fire Engines – “Aufgeladen Und Bereit Fur Action Und Spass” LP (1981)