Filmaker Warwick Thornton’s Documentary “We Don’t Need A Map” Is A Fascinating Look Into Australian Identities As Decided By What’s In The Night Sky

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Warwick Thornton examines Australians’ relationship to the Southern Cross, a journey that takes him through Australia’s political and cultural landscape as he discovers the constellation’s astronomical, colonial and Indigenous history.

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The Cronulla Riots


BBC Four HD The Beach Isolation in Paradise Episode 1-6 (Complete) (2020) – his zen Asian cooking everyday is an absolute pleasure to watch

Film-maker Warwick Thornton’s international success has come at a personal cost. He has reached a crossroads in his life and something has to change. He has chosen to try giving up life in the fast lane for a while to go it alone, on an isolated beach in Western Australia, one of the most beautiful yet brutal environments in the world, to see if the experience can transform and heal his life.