I Have Taken To Posting Juices & Smoothies I’ve Consumed In Lembongan & Bali On Facebook – Strangely They Are The Posts That Engage People The Most

I might as well repeat the process here

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My old housemate Ben now esconsed in Tasmania and therefore always bored and at a loose end has taken to applying chat gpt to my juice descriptions in the style of certain authors.

Here’s Ben/ Chat gpt / sean in the style of Bukowski

Ben Hughes

Chatgpt Bukowski style..
Bokashi Juice 2 – Sunday mornin’, that breakfast, it hit the spot like a sledgehammer in a nail factory. So damn good, it dragged my sorry ass back there on a godforsaken Monday. You see, it was before that infernal 2-hour traffic crawl to the Sanur port, the kind of journey that’ll make even the toughest son of a bitch question the meaning of life. But hey, there’s always time for a treat, ain’t there? Enter “The Tropical” – a rebel in the smoothie game, the only damn thing on the menu without those ubiquitous bananas. Pineapple, mango, turmeric, and cashew milk – it’s like a symphony of flavors, a brief respite from the daily grind. That, my friend, is how I survived that Monday morning madness.