Lembongan Diary: Wednesday 20 September 2023

Somebody managed to phish my card while is was in Bali . It is creating all sorts of problems. Luckily Hamish is coming up in a few weeks time and hopefully with a new card but in the meantime it’s going to be a frugal few weeks.

Just discovered a hidden bakery up the road that services restaurants and villas.. no shopfront. They do a quite nice Bloomer style loaf for only 35K and will deliver too.

Had a zoom this evening with two musicians in Hastings on that Balearic Indonesian project. They are keen… might metal postcard create a viral hit! I doubt it but it will be fun trying.

I do wish those chickens would stop undoing all my hard leaf raking work. No sooner have i made a pile than they are scrabbling through looking for hiding insects.

Tropical tip.. washing the floors every day really does keep the flies at bay.

My landlady in Perth says i could be husband material for her next life, mainly because i mentioned i’d buy a strimmer in the UK and bring it back with me. Strimmers have recently become a big part of my life.

I really don’t like going into town, everybody seems in such a rush. I’m finding the best time to go in is Mad Dogs & Englishmen time . The tourists have just returned from their snorkelling / diving trips and are being fed , the locals who have been up since first mosque call are all either staring at phones, sleeping or moving at an imperceptible pace.

I though i’d evicted the rat family.. wrong. Very rowdy at night.


Martabak Shop – tasty tofu too..