New Release: Neon Kittens – Van Gogh’s Ear EP

2023 is going to be the year of the Kittens..

Here’s their opening broadside for 2023 the Van Gogh’s Ear EP … debut album coming very soon


Jose, from Tremendo Garaje here, what you have send to me is
absolutely insane!

What a fucking terrific record!


I think the neon Kittens are going to be one of the bands 2023 , they are sexy they are seductive they are off kilter they are both experimental and covered in a pop glam that only exists in the sparkle of utopia that lay in the sequinned flared trousers that the Top Of The Pops audience wore with much panache in the 70s only to be replaced by the punk solitude of the drainpipe leg later in the decade .

Raggedly smooth off kilter guitar shapes and shadow enhancing bass lines back the whispers of seduction a slowly licked smoothed chocolate purr of pure effection . T

he Neon Kittens are a band to discover and can be discovered on one the excellent Metal Postcard Records where they have released a couple of eps and a single their debut lp follows shortly..


released January 10, 2023

2023 Metal Postcard
2023 Neon Kittens

on this recording, Neon Kittens are:

Nina K. – Vocal / Guitar
Andy G. – Guitar / Bass / Vocal
EM. – Electronics / Tape Op.
KY. – Drum pads / Drum Machine Op.

all songs recorded and produced by Neon Kittens,
October 2022.

written by Neon Kittens, except:
‘AJNA’ by ‘Amy Freeman & Andy Goz’

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