New Release: Super Hit (Portland OR) … Dot Dot Dot

Super Hit are the one band (for us anyway) that sum up everything good that has come out of Portland in the last decade whilst staying below the radar of the likes of Willamette Weekly & KBOO (A good thing).

So…. if you like the Woollen Men, Honeybucket, Memories, White Fang (it helps that Kyle Handley of Super Hit worked with 2 of those outfits)then this album with its hints at the TV Personalities, Belle & Sebastian, The Primitives (UK 80’s Primitives), Pre Weatherall Primal Scream, The Popguns and even Phil Spector will make you swoon.

Beautiful songwriting with gentle waves of mid 80’s LA second wave psychedelia and the directness of the c86 crowd is how we hear it.