September On Dandelion Radio – As I have been creating a monthly show for nigh on a decade now

I should at least let you know what all the dj’s on the station are up to

Descriptions of every show broadcasting within our looping audio stream until the end of the month
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Andrew Morrison

Andy’s one-hour September show features new music from Epic45, Seagoth, PJ Harvey, Lanks, R. Missing, Slowdive, Kid Scaramouche and Bdrmm, as well as other fine tracks from Depeche Mode, ARXX, MNNQNS, Paragon Sea and more.


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Brownbutter eases you in this month with the likes of Special Interest’s Ruth Mascelli, Destroyer, Sea Urchins, Cloth, and Chief Adjuah, then roughs you up with Big Freedia, Upchuck, Twin Coast, Upper Wilds, Osees, and Moni Jitchell.
Sometimes being together is harder than being apart, and sometimes being apart is the only way forward.


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Calum Carlyle

This month, it’s mostly newly released tracks on the Offbeat music show.
The sounds swing from the psychedelic rock of Soft Hearted Scientists, Black Light White Light and Hanford Flyover, through the soul enfused guitar pop of The Dip, and the international feel of Afrodyssey Orchestra to some more dub tinged sounds from Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Panda Bear/Sonic Boom, as remixed by Adrian Sherwood.
Plenty for everyone, from off the beaten track!


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David Smith

Inflation has struck again – my show for September is 50% longer! What will I do with the extra hour?
How about playing some new songs from Genn, Filmmaker, Snooper, Lisa Pung, Cycheouts, Reuben Vaun Smith, Blanco Teta, Ada Lea, T.G. Shand, Stuart Pearce, Neckbolt, E.M.M.A., and Galya Bisengalieva.
Geographically, we have stuff from exotic outposts including Nunavut, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Dayton, Ohio.
There’s even a hidden track at the very end of the program.
Enjoy the show!


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Gareth Jones

Gareth’s eclectic packed September show crosses the genres, from the indiepop-punk of Swansea Sound to the bluesy swamp rock of Dry White Bones.
Or from the country honky tonk of Joshua Ray Walker to the electro synth-pop of Vieon.
The 1st hour also features two tracks by Minnesota surf guitar band The Vaqueros in this month’s edition of ‘Secrets Songs from the Sixties’.
Meanwhile the 2nd hour’s guest host is Abby from Washington riot grrrl band Cat Valley who takes part in regular feature ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue’, to coincide with the release of their new EP ‘Bingo Queen’, released 15th September.


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Leo Gilbert

Four finger-clicking hours of music from Leo to salve your soul this month.
He has a reggae cover of Underworld‘s Born Slippy, chaotic noise from Normal Nada the Krakmaxter, traditional folk from Me Lost Me, an extended track from Läuten der Seele and the enigma of all enigmas from Voice Actor.
There is so much more besides, so why not stop reading this, tune your dial to Dandelion and listen in?


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Mark Cunliffe

No sessions this month but the amount of music in the locker is overflowing, hopefully not like a UK sewage outflow pipe, though. So it’s a three hour affair for September.
I’ve not played footworker, DJ Manny for a little while, that is corrected here and there is something new from another old favourite, Seas Of Mirth and they have gone a bit disco in their older age.
I’m risking some cheese overload by introducing a mainstream hit from the year 2000 but reworked into some garage excellence. It might divide opinion as to whether it has a place on Dandelion Radio!
From previous session guests, the Ukrainian Muha come at us with a new track and all bandcamp sales go toward the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, it is a great track, so you might be sending some pennies that way?
There’s more reggae goodness from Magnetic Tailors and a Beatles cover that sneaked in by Teth Sin.
All in all, hopefully the 3 hours will fly by.


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Mark Whitby

Another barrage of great new releases this month, including tracks from new albums by the likes of Osees, Pip Blom, Slighter and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy.
There’s also something from the new album from the always astonishing Paul Rooney, the Kode9 side of the split single with Burial and a fabulous re-working of a Louise Armstrong classic from Uncle Kid.
Our featured compilation this month comes from Bristol’s Pressure Dome label, while our Peel Back … feature allows us to wander once again into Peel shows from 1983, 1993 and 2003 to sample the many session treasures therein.
In a similar spirit. there’s a cracking 25th anniversary remix of a tune that helped bring Cuban Boys into our lives … and the last quarter-century has been so much better for having them around.


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A two hour show from Rocker this month, including new tracks from Wreckless Eric, Cult Figures, Soft Play; Jeanines; Crabber; The Guy Hamper Trio; Teenage Fanclub; Mt. Misery; Wandering Summer; Swansea Sound; and Sissy Space Echo & The Invisible Collaborators.
There’s electronica from Solee; Kadosh; and a collaboration between Marc Romboy, Dimitri Andreas, and Marlene Schuen.
There’s a track from the amazing new album by Paul Rooney; a dub version of a Hollie Cook song; and The Feelies cover The Velvet Underground.
This month’s Rocker’s Shellac Attack is a 1929 comedy foxtrot out of London, which was years later covered by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band. There’s also a newly released track from the archives of Bonzos’ frontman Vivian Stanshall.
As well as little known acts, here’s a little known fact: The historic opening track of this month’s show was recorded in Manchester’s Free Trade Hall, the facade of which still stands, as part of the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, the setting for Paul Rooney’s track ‘Dear Guest’, which is played later in the show.


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Sean Hocking

This month on Bottom of the Pops we are particularly excited by the debut by UK band Jazz Maps. They sound and smell new and fresh and their album is without a doubt my favourite new thing this month.
That said, not far behind come Canada’s The Retail Simps, who have just released a glorious pair of ramshackle rock n roll songs that sound like the best bits of the Velvets and the Modern Lovers + their own XO Sauce to finish off the dish, on constant repeat here at BOTP HQ.
August was another sad, music heroes have gone to the great stage in the sky, month. Robbie Robertson & Rodriguez for starters and more keenly felt in our neck of the woods one of Britain’s greatest visual artists of the last 100 years, his work will reverberate for centuries to come. Jamie Reid. Never mind down in Australia the quiet passing of Louis Tillett the unsung genius of Australia’s great flowering of underground rock music in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I feature 3 of his songs in the hope that you will devour the rest of his catalogue.
We’ve also got new tunes from M.Ward, Woods, Jah Wobble (his releases this year are stunning), Jungle, Julian Cope and even Black Grape, it’s actually very good.
Talking of surprisingly good, is, the teaming up of Lol Tolhurst, Budgie, Jack Knife and James Murphy. It sounds as though it could be a dog’s dinner but actually their track Los Angeles is as sharp as a tack.


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Thomas Blatchford

Oh what a month, all September here in ’23, what a very special time for us, what a station and what a show.
Thomas has some new noise for you from cool cowboy Dean Rodney Jr, good girl June Jones, dubbed out Hollie Cook and super suave Infraghosts, amongst others.
Star Party do a blissful cover version, and from the freezer comes The Gonzo Salvage Co. with a song that could go on the Barbie playlist by Dandelion’s own Gareth.


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X-Ray Moon

This month X-Ray Moon once again mixes a few older long-since-forgottens with his choices of, mainly, new and more interesting releases …
John Parish and Aldous Harding‘s new cover of Nick Drake’s Three Hours is a hauntingly innovative new version of what was a hauntingly innovative track in the first place.
A new release by the wonderful Pere Ubu gives X-Ray Moon the rather wonderful excuse to briefly mention ‘Pataphysics’ a precursor to Surrealism; which, as we know by now is a pet-interest and love of Moon’s.
If that weren’t enough, and it clearly wouldn’t be, cos it would make a very short show, Moon introduces us to the delights of (were we not already aware of them) the likes of: Sinclaire Noire, Abwarts, and the wonderfully named Only Fools and Corpses.
As part of his sporadically sprinkled oldies smatterings he has, for example, a classic Small Faces track, OK by Talvin Singh, and a rather marvellous offering by Adam and The Ants from before they began wearing face paint and being silly and poppy …
Another eclectic mix from X-Ray Moon as the nights slowly draw in and the leaves rise from the ground and attach themselves once again to the trees (or something like that) – Enjoy!!