DP My Hyena / Man Thresher 7"

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Debut 7" from Hong Kong Rock Duo best described as Black Sabbath meets Bannana Splits !

Imagine King Kong on drums and Godzilla on bass.  Then multiply that power by a hundred.  City-destroying stuff in the best sense.”

Channel [V]


“Devastatingly massive sound – produced by one heartily-spanked bass and one brutally-abused drum kit… The standard bearer’s of HK’s rock scene”
Time Out

“By the end of the ultra-energetic performance everyone was sweating, even though it was only eight degrees celcius outside.”Beats Magazine

Hong Kong's powerhouse duo of Dave Wong (bass/vocals) and Paul MacLean (drums/mohawk) have been making waves in their Asian hometown; rising quickly from the 'ones to watch' to headlining and selling out clubs all over town as well as penetrating the ears of rock fans around the globe.

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