Death To Ponies: Swine Water CD

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One off collaboration album by Shanghai musicians combing dance and psych metal - this is heavy !

Shanghai is known for many things. Many things I won’t repeat to you now. China is a crazy place, who’s going to argue with that? One thing that has recently become clear is that they have some pretty awesome bands mucking about. Crazy-core (or whatever) acts like Death To Giants, two genre-bending improv musicians, and Acid Pony Club, two French electronic artists who have come in search of the new sound, all prove that Shanghai is making a name for itself.

Death To Giants are not exactly a band you can accuse of playing it safe (read our recent interview with them here). For them, the process is testing the limits. The same can be said of Acid Pony Club, who found inspiration years ago in techno, heavy metal and rock ‘n roll, perhaps an unlikely source for modern-day electronic musicians to draw from the well. In any case, both these groups relish releasing experimental/psychedelic pieces. It’s no wonder they decided to team up for their collaborative release entitled Swine Water.

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