Dreams Money Can Buy The Emergency CD

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Album of the Week:FBI 94.5 FM Sydney 12.12.09-25.12.09 This Melbourne duo combine lo-fi disco, dubbed out vocals and a whole bag of synths to deliver a very worthy Album of the Week, on FBi

Album opener, "Vanishing Prize", would be on repeat at that one really awesome club in Heaven. The entire album sounds like the result of Giorgio Moroder and Friedrich Nietzsche eating mushrooms and waxing lyrical about what Nihilism would sound like through analogue synths. All reasons why "Dreams That Money Can Buy" is one of the most criminally underrated Aussie albums released in '09 Pedestrian (November 2009)

A mystic voyage via diesel powered space ship (October 2009)

News From Ibiza: Disco Is Back In Its Funkiest Most Psychedelic Form. Names To Drop Hercules & Love Affair Glass Candy & The Emergency Vogue UK

As fresh and breezy an effort as anything produced by the much hyped Italo-Disco school this is a classy outing by one our most futuristic sounding groups. (Australia)

Brothers Remix: We were jamming it on the way to work this morning and envisioned the L train turning into a disco of sweaty bodies chanting loudly in unison, which actually happened minus the disco and dancing and unity. Fader Magazine (USA)

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