Erasers Two Of A Kind / Safe Sound / Window / Autumn Trees 7"

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Perth based minimal rock that blasts ... very rare release


Erasers are a new two-piece band from Perth, that started mid 2009 with Rebecca Orchard on vocals and Rupert Thomas on instruments. They formed with the desire to create and produce music completely on their own. With little recording experience and borrowed equipment, Erasers produced and released their debut self-titled release upon forming as a band. The result is songs made up of primitive & tribal beats, melodic guitar loops, atmospheric synth and chanting vocals; creating what has been described as dreamy yet somewhat disconcerting post-punk.


At 7pm the newly-formed Erasers hit the stage, easily the best support act of the night, and astounding. Erasers nailed high looping guitar lines over marching, repetitive drum rhythms and long, undulating waves of synth creating something that was an almost paradoxical

fusion of the mystic

and the militant

Debut Gig Review: Faster


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