Matthew Edwards & The Unfortunates Minotaur / Bad Blood 7" Single

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Long time readers of CITC may remember the effusive praise heaped on the 2012 album The Fates by SF-based, expatriated Brit Matthew Edwards with his band the Unfortunates, might even recall said LP making a couple of year-end lists and in fact topping Sir Alex Green’s top-10 that year. If so, or if you were already an Edwards partisan from his Music Lovers days, you weren’t surprised by what you heard and have had only one sustained reaction in the intervening months: More please! Well, while we await another full-length we thankfully have Dandelion Radio DJ Sean Hocking to thank for issuing this stunning little jewel of a stopgap 7″ on his Metal Postcard imprint, released last October.

Caught In The Carousel (USA)

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