Metal Postcard 2005-2010 Dedicated To John Heartfield Compilation CD

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Metal Postcard records started by founder Sean Hocking in 2005 to highlight Sydney’s ignored underground acts such as electronica duo Ollo and mash up artists Wax Audio & Dsico (that no talent hack) has grown to include artists from the world over, on its roster

Metal Postcard has released artists from Chicago to the Shetlands, Perth to Changsa city China, Brooklyn, London, Hong Kong and Melbourne to name a few.

On the way we’ve been noticed from time to time with the odd celebrity endorsement.

Yoko Ono has contacted us not once but twice. We were nervous that she wouldn’t approve of Wax Audio’s interpretation of Lennon’s Imagine as sung by George Bush. But she even told us that Lennon would have loved it. DJ Foundation’s acerbic Paradise LP also found praise in the world of Yoko along with legendary US DJ Danny Tenaglia who called it dance music that’s art.

Metal Postcard will continue its mission over the next five years and more to release those artists from around the world who we think are criminally ignored by the music industry



Imagine This: Wax Audio Drive Into The Night : Swoop Swoop
Knyom Sok Jet Te (I’m Unsatisfied):CSP
I Shot You ( Sunni & Shia) dj Foundation
Window: Erasers
This Land Is Your Land : Hamster Dragster
Book of Love: Never Heard of Zeppelin
My Hyena: DP
Bedford Ave Mullet Girl The Innovaders
Vanishing Prize: The Emergency
Cocksucker: London School of Economics
Your Blood Is In My Blood Swoop Swoop
When You’re Dead: Wow
When You Gonna Love Me: dsico (that no talent hack)


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