Swoop Swoop Somewhere In The Shadows CD

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Swoop Swoop’s ’It’s spring’ is a beautifully steeped soured romance of sorts - acoustically drawn, spectral and haunting as though Bruce Springsteen's. ’the ghost of tom joad’ had been magically invested with the numbingly mercurial mindset of June Panic. .. ’Tomorrow we triumph’ comes across like a lost 60’s folk troubadour and discovers Swoop Swoop finding the dusty bottle containing the mercurial essence of Donovan’s wayward but beguiling song craft only to ever so gently unscrew the cork to release the genii within. ... Quite perfect if you ask me.

Swoop Swoop Incorporating a gritty lo-fi 60s sound, his songs would have also slotted in nicely somewhere on The Forest Gump Soundtrack, maybe for that classic shot of Jenny out the bus window... Sandwich Club (Aus)


4/5 Alternative (UK)



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