The Woolen Men - Dog Days (CD)

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Collection of early EP's and Singles by this fabulous Portland OR band. Think early replacements, flying nun records and even the early Jam . Fantastic band, fantastic songs, If you like Real Estate and Parquet Courts you will love this band

The band's largely understated interpretation of punk offers a fresh and relatable perspective, mostly free of melodrama or righteous indignation.


Sounds like a muddy intersection where the 13th Floor Elevators and early Replacements might meet ....Loose and uninhibited, The Woolen Men turns in more evidence that there’s fun to be had along rock ‘n’ roll’s ugly fringes, even if the point’s long since been made. CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

The Woolen Men are punk as fuck. Up until now, they’ve largely recorded and released all of their own music, not once dropping that gritty live sound that we love them for.

A bit of an ’80s college-rock/power-pop feel to some of the songs, particularly in how catchy they are, but filtered through ’90s lo-fi. THE ANSWER IS IN THE BEAT

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