White - Fang - High Expectations (vinyl lp)

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The first international release by Portland based  switched on stoner diy rock band White Fang


Metal Postcard Records is very excited to bring you a slice of the best vinyl you’re going to hear in the next decade by Portland (OR’s) White Fang.

The USA press will quote you lot’s of obscure underground bands that you’ve never heard of to try and explain how they sound.

It’s much easier than that. Take one part Happy Mondays, one part Fall “Live At The Witchtrials” then throw in the anarchy of the Butthole Surfers and you have one of the most perfect bands on planet earth

Not only do they have a sound that rock stoner heads have been waiting for since the MC5 their live shows are smart, sharp and stoned all at the same time.

No self indulgent stuck over the bong songs, instead if it’s longer that 4 minutes there must be something wrong.

High Expectations is an album that makes you want to be 15 all over again and again and again.......

And the best thing of all they do it all themselves....



White Fang are the boisterously beating heart of Portland's DIY punk scene......a testament to why grabbing a bunch of instruments with your friends and creating music-- whether it's in our basements or a $100-an-hour studio-- is so therapeutic for so many of us.


You probably feel like you're already aware of the Portland band White Fang, and it's not because they share a name with the eternally badass book. It's partly because their new album, Positive Feedback, sounds like the familiar brand of scuzzy rock that's been around since your parents were babies.

these DIY young guns manage to focus their reckless abandon into garage rock gold.

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