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Great mini album released by White Fang after their summer 2013 tour. Sunshine, girls, weed, california, partying and more. This is a breath of fresh air.

Celebrate summer with White Fang’s latest album of laid back and sludgy garage pop perfection.

It’s not the first time I’ve written about White Fang and Gnar Tapes, and I’m sure it won’t be the last!

Imagine if The Beatles were those guys you invited over to crash at your place after a controlled substances snack-binge and stupid movies all-nighter.
You give Paul McCartney (Rikky) a bucket in case he needs to throw up and doesn’t feel he has enough confidence to make it into your bathroom on time. Meanwhile George Harrison (Unkle Funkle) is passed out on the floor with sharpie drawings of dicks all over his forehead. Kyle is Yoko Ono, suggestively slurping a popsicle stick on your sofa (not saying he’ll break the band up or anything, he just makes a good looking woman). Jimmy could never be as grouchy as Ringo, but for a moment, picture Ringo with an affinity for drunken piggy back rides and wigging out with a paper bag over his head during live performances.

Simply put, the White Fang boys have the canny songwriting instincts of bands that have achieved legendary status and a permanent place in pop culture history, but they are all the better for perhaps not being aware of or greatly concerned at all about this.

Steady Truckin’ For Summer begins with the gallantly distorted guitar shred of “Wanna Ride?”, where the listener is invited on a mind expanding odyssey of empowerment and enlightenment. If you’re a fan, you may recall these same intentions decreed earlier on in “Far Out Journey” from their High Expectations EP. “Do you want a ride to the other side? / Choice is yours / up to you, decide…”, Rikky sings in his eternally chilled way. You would be a fool to opt out of the experience, but you know, whenever you’re ready, no pressure or anything…

It is the perfect opening salvo for the album – a monstrous and riff-heavy rising storm of a track, and it’s harmonised, singing guitar solo goes a long way towards establishing the 8 commandments of party which are to come (and would be sure to keep Bill and Ted happy, too).

“Bad Boys” is a down and dirty little ditty of contagious fun accompanied by a hilarious video which further reinforces the good time party ethos of the record. “You know we’re not going to sleep / the weekend lasts 7 days a week”.


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