Yea Big Kid Static The Future's Looking Grim LP (Vinyl)

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Side A

Grim / Stomp The Pedal / The Nameless / Bots

Down To The River

Side B

Middle America / Long Night / Dollar Bill Hat

Rock Bottom Rock / Eatchyo Samwich / Off A Fraction

Their kindred spirits are a little left of traditional notions of hip-hop, Kid Static still lays nimble, easygoing rhymes over the dense and busy production of Yea Big, who also plays the gawky, sweatband-and-gym-short adorned hypeman for Static on stage. Whether you're a fan of glitch-inspired sci-fi rap production or not, Yea Big's work here is a potent argument for continuing to work the niche: it's always chintzy and threatening, robotic and organic, teeth-gritting and head-bobbing all at once. Pitchfork (7.2)

Yea Big and Kid Static are collectively holding the crown for being quite the duo to take their listeners on the most ultimate musical ecstasy trip. With their current sophomore album The Future's Looking Grim one can expect to hear an eclectic selection of crazy baselines and witty rhymes. Urb (USA)

Yea Big proves to have a firm grasp on that old boom-bap, as heard on the punchy “Speak the Facts.” And to Static’s credit, he sounds equally inspired by the offbeat productions, like the glitchy “The Life Here.” Thanks to these two, Chicago just got a whole lot more to boast about. XLR8R (USA)

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