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DJ Foundation is a 23 year-old resident of Mosul, still one of Iraq's most troubled cities. From a battered PC he plunders global music and tv sites, fusing his love of arab pop and western disco with acute news sense and dungeon humour.

Two years after finding Foundation on Myspace
, Metal Postcard brings you his debut double-vinyl "Paradise", the first major musical account of the 'War On Terror' and the early 21st century. The album laces addictive dancepop with a huge vocal cast of religious leaders, politicians, pop stars and the public. It’s one mad planet under God's groove - from the bullet-stomp of "All Night" to "Alaluyah"'s religious bedlam, through culture-collisions "God Is Dead" and "GHad", to the final 18-minute masterpiece "Going Out In Style".

DJ Foundation's approach is fearless and grimly ironic. His recent singles "God Is Dead " and "USA" provoked outrage and admiration in equal measure and from all sides:

"as ballsy and provocative as one could imagine, rich in humour and fearless critique" (Drowned In Sound,  "God Is Dead")
"as funky as it is subversive. totally outrageous but totally cool" (Rough Trade Shops, "God Is Dead")
"this big dumb tune/mix/boot/cultural phenomenon 'USA' is what i call an anthem" (Eddy Temple-Morris, DJ magazine)

Myspace comments:

"i fukin hate your musik you terrorist" Killa KPG

"you should be ashamed of youself... i think you must be DICK... CHEYNEY & friends" U-CEF

"why would you clown on someones religion get a fucking life" Bboy Dopey

"I Muslim but I renounce and call on all brothers, stop fight and dance you are porns in there game - DJ foundation yu wicked save the yooth" Sernine

Besides war/religion, Foundation also addresses the collapse of capitalism in his infectious track  "Hot Girls Hot Guys", voiced by a fellow 23 year-old, a New York 'financial analyst' called AJ.

Foundation says: "he's 23 like me but our lives are different! He has a lot of money for his bottles and girls."

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